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** Can not use whip in Flex Vents , Can only Vacuum Flex Vents**

**If there are wires in the vents we can only Vacuum, can not use Whip**

**Stackable Washer and Dryers may not be able to be serviced and is determined case by     case once the Tech has inspected**

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We also offer Dryer Vent Cleaning

and Sanitizing

Residential or Commercial is your best choice for Air Duct Cleaning services in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

We offer our professional Air Duct Cleaning services with:NO GIMMICKS... NO ADD ONS... NO-UPSELLING!
We offer Eco Friendly Sanitizer for an additional charge, ask your technician for details offers up-front pricing, and professionalism, from EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS and ON-TIME DEPENDABLE SCHEDULING.

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The average home can accumulate nearly 40 pounds of dust annually, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

If you are experiencing any of the following manifestations within your home, or symptoms within your family, it is probably best to hire a reputable duct cleaning service.

 -  A family member, or members frequently
    suffer from allergy symptoms, or respiratory
   illnesses while in the home.

-  You begin to notice an unusual odor when
   heating or air conditioning system is in use.

-  You see evidence of a visible build-up of dust
   on the vent covers/grills. Even after wiping or
   vaccuming, the build-up returns very quickly.

-  You observe black streak marks surrounding
   your vents/grids.

If you are observing any or all of these signs you would likely benefit greatly from a professional air duct cleaning.'s professional duct cleaning service will eliminate dust, allergens, pet dander, and even unpleasant or stale odors from your ventilation system; leaving the air quality in your home Healthy & Fresh!

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